Stuck For SEO Ideas? Why Not Try Re-Packaging Your Content?


Have you ever written a blog or an article as a part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that has been hugely popular and really boosted your ranking? Well, believe it or not, this content doesn’t have to live just this once – have you ever thought about re-packing or re-purposing it to once more boost your SEO?

Basically, re-packaging or re-purposing a blog or an article means that you are giving it another form or format, allowing you to try and spread the information (and, therefore, your brand) to new audiences. Whilst this process can be time consuming, it is highly beneficial for your SEO strategy – if it was popular once, it is likely it will be again.

So, how can you re-package your SEO blogs and articles to attract even more external links and hits?

Presentations: you can turn almost any SEO blog or article into an attractive PowerPoint presentation if you have the desire. Use images, diagrams and statistics to help to get your point across.

eBooks and PDF’s: you can turn your SEO blogs or articles into eBooks or PDF’s that people can then download to peruse at their leisure.

Cheat Sheets: if your SEO blog or article surrounded instructions on how to do something, you could make a handy cheat sheet that users can print out for later reference.

Remember that you will need to include similar (or the same) SEO keywords in the above re-packaged content as what you did in the original if you want it to continue boosting your search engine rankings. If you are ever stuck on where to take your SEO strategy next, why not look at some of your highly popular blogs or articles and reconsider re-packaging them in another way?