Simple things to keep in mind with your web design Part 2

Added 31.10.09

In Simple things to keep in mind with your web design - Part 1 we spoke about some of the basics for striking the right balance with any web design or redesign project. We'll lay out some more web design essentials now that should help your project run smoothly and give you the results that you need.

Think about your goals: You need to set out clearly what you'd like to achieve with your new website or website redesign, as this will inform the shape that the web design will take. Are you selling products online or merely promoting your services? These are obvious things that you need to think about.

Think about simplicity: We've said it numerous times on this blog but navigation in web design is absolutely crucial for letting users know how to access information and to let them find your products.

Think about action: If you want to stimulate visitors to do something then be very clear about it. Get your web design and your content to work together in order to achieve the desired goals. If you want them to call your business for example, then make it obvious and place the phone number in a prominent position.

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