Simple things to keep in mind with your web design (Part 1)

Added 31.10.09

You can easily lose your way when it comes to achieving the right web design for your business, and a website redesign can be an intimidating prospect. There are a few rules and tips that you can follow however that should keep your web design on the right track.

Think about colour: We all know that colour can be a subjective thing, and with web design you might think that you're limited to using the colours in your logo. That's not necessarily the case so do some research into how people think of colour online (grey for example might seem dull but in some cases can make stronger colours stand out even more).

Think about content: Achieving a professional looking web design is important to give visitors the right impression, but it won't mean much if the content you're written isn't strong enough to back it up.

Think about time: Avoid intro pages or splash screens that take up people's time before they get to your home page. Modern web users just want to get to relevant information as quickly as possible, so putting obstacles into web design just increases the risk of them navigating away from your website.

See Simple things to keep in mind with your web design - Part 2 for more useful tips on getting the best web design for your business.

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