SEO reasons for your competitor’s high traffic levels

Added 19.11.12

If you are hoping to get ahead in your industry, it’s likely that you have spent a little bit of time spying on your competitors to see what they are up to. Does it seem as if, no matter what you do, your competitors are still getting a lot more traffic than you are? There may actually by a search engine optimisation (SEO) reason for this, such as:

  • Age – If your competitor’s website is older than yours, it actually has a natural advantage; the search engines are able to verify their credibility and the site has time to build brand awareness.
  • Expert – If your competitor is paying an SEO expert who is better than the one you are paying, it’s likely that they will be making use of techniques you haven’t even heard of.
  • Freshness – If your competitor has regularly updated or newer content than you do (such as blogs, another vital element of SEO) then they will tend to receive more traffic than your outdated site.
  • Links – If your competitor has more credible inbound links than you (a vital part of any SEO campaign), then their pagerank is also going to be much higher; this often leads to more traffic.

There are, of course, a number of other SEO reasons that could account for your competitor’s website receiving more traffic than yours. In order to even attempt ranking better than your competitors (and hopefully scoring some more traffic as a result), however, you will need to help of a reputable and experienced SEO expert or company.