Power of a good review

Added 08.07.15

Encourage your happy customers to write about their experience

Sharing on Social Media

The Benefit

Asking your customers to add a review to your Google + or Facebook account can assist your website performance on Google. In an era where your brand is increasingly becoming defined by those who experience it here are some tips to get you started:  

Reviews on Social Media

Set up your brand profile on review sites relevant to your business & industry i.e. FacebookYelp, LinkedIn.  

Your Website

Are you regularly updating testimonials on your website? If you can include an image or video to accompany the review even better.  

How do I ask my customer for a review?

If you don't ask, you won't receive. Consider appropriate times such as when you complete a job or perhaps in general conversion when they mention how impressed they are with your work. Don’t wait too long though as customers are more likely to give you feedback right away.


If you think your customers are going to need an incentive to write a review you could run a monthly draw with a small prize such as a $50 gift card. And remember to thank your customer - they could be influencing the decisions of your potential customers!