Pinterest Launches Business Accounts

Added 23.11.12

On Tuesday the 13th of November it was announced that Pinterest (a popular video and image sharing website) had launched business accounts, allowing the site to be used for commercial as well as personal needs. This decision was made after it came to the attention of Pinterest staff that there were already plenty of businesses on the site; they were just using personal accounts.

Brand New Features

But what does the introduction of these business accounts mean for companies who sign up to Pinterest (or convert a personal account)? For one, Pinterest have established new terms of service that specifically apply to holders of these accounts. The main point of these terms of service is to remind business owners that, by pinning their content, others are able to reuse and even change it, providing that it is on the Pinterest platform.

Another way that business accounts will change the way that Pinterest is used is that three brand new features were introduced. The first of these features, verified websites, was actually introduced to Pinterest users about a month ago, but it definitely has more benefit for business account holders. The other features, profile widgets and board widgets, allow recent pins to be displayed on the business’ website.

If you are yet to convert your personal account to a business one, Pinterest has even made this an easy process – all you need to do is find your way to the business portal and click the link labeled “convert your existing account” or “join as a business”. If you are yet to sign up for a Pinterest account for your business, it’s never too late to make the move.