Online Marketing Tips You Get From Your Children


Anyone who is a parent will know that “business” is something kids of all ages are interested in – whether it’s setting up a lemonade stand in the front yard and selling to the neighbours, or setting up a grocery store in the lounge room with all their plastic fruit and vegetables, many kids are actually business entrepreneurs. But what online marketing tips can our kids give us?

• Give people something for free – they will feel obligated to return the favour
Children have this overwhelming desire to help people, often by handing out free lemonade or by selling their “wares” at greatly reduced prices – and their efforts are rewarded when people actually pay them for this. In online marketing, think about offering free tips or advice through social networking sites in order to build trust and relationships with clients.

• Make your services special
As a child adds a sprig of mint to their lemonade or bundles together a plastic fruit and vegie package to make it “extra special”, so can you offer something a little bit special to clients as a part of your online marketing campaign. This could encourage them to return and tell their friends.

• Do what you need to be seen
When children want to sell something, they’ll make a sign and jump up and down to get people’s attention – are you doing this as a part of your online marketing campaign? Even if you have added advertisements to other websites, there is plenty more you could be doing, such as search engine optimization (SEO).

There are plenty of other great tips that your children could give you in terms of online marketing – such as persistence in the face of adversity (no one stopping to buy their lemonade) and building anticipation (telling everyone they know that they’re selling lemonade) – you just have to know how to translate their ideas to your own situation.