Online Marketing - eNewsletters


Gone are the days of expensive paper based newsletters. Today’s eNewsletters are a very effective and economic way of reaching a target base, be it an existing customer database or a purchased list. Customer lists are easily imported to Infinite IT Solution’s newsletter module and maintenance of the database requires only simple data entry.

eNewsletters can be used to communicate all manner of information from administrative content (e.g. change of address, new opening hours) to marketing campaigns. They also provide the flexibility of easily targeting different sub groups with tailored content. For example, perhaps you would offer different discounts based say on customer spend or only market specific products to specific clients. eNewsletters can also be utilised to impart useful information such as reminders or tips (e.g. for businesses at end of financial year). The applications are unlimited. With such a powerful tool at your fingertips, a separate access profile is set up to ensure that only the intended user has access.

With email addresses being changed so regularly, Infinite IT Solution’s eNewsletter module offers reporting whereby addresses of any ‘bounced’ emails are reported providing the opportunity to review and correct.

The obvious benefit is that, unlike hardcopy newsletters, there are no associated printing and delivery costs with eNewsletters. And with online imagery so easily accessible, it is a simple process to insert your own artwork. The eNewsletter module from Infinite IT Solutions is a very user-friendly application; if you are proficient with Microsoft WORD, you’ll fly through this.