Myth – You Need To Constantly Update Your SEO Strategy

Added 14.06.12

Have you employed a search engine optimisation (SEO) ‘expert’ that insists on updating your strategy regularly, as this is the only way to keep your ranking where it is? Unfortunately, it seems that you have made the wrong decision in SEO company and you should be looking to hire a new one as soon as possible in order to salvage any ranking that you have left.

The belief that your strategy needs to be constantly updated is an SEO myth that has recently started to rise in popularity, probably due to all of the changes that Google and the other search engines have made to their algorithms. Whilst believing this myth doesn’t have any of the serious repercussions that some of the others due (including penalties and bans), it can severely damage your ranking, which damages your business.

But why is this? It is true that updating the SEO strategy of a website on occasion is beneficial, as this ensures that you are up to date with the ever-growing changes that the search engines are making to their process, but change your SEO strategy all the time and it will have no time to start working. Remember that optimisation is not something that occurs overnight – it takes time for your keywords to start showing up on Google, so you should leave these areas of your site alone as much as possible.

The next time you meet an SEO ‘expert’ and they tell you that they key to success is constantly updating your strategy, you should not feel any regret in turning around and walking the other way. The best way to look at it is by comparing SEO to plastic surgery – in moderation, it works fine, but constantly have work completed and you will ruin your body.