Myth - Placing Content Higher Up The Page Is Better For SEO


Has a supposed search engine optimization (SEO) “expert” ever told you that, if you want the search engine spiders to index your website, that you should place your content near the top of the page? In reality, you should be looking for a real SEO expert and the guy who told you this should be run out of town for having no idea what he is doing.

This is, apparently, one of the oldest SEO myths out there – where in the code you place the content of your website has no bearing on what the search engine spiders will and will not index. If you have consistently received a low ranking from the search engines, you need to look elsewhere if you want to determine the source of the SEO problem (perhaps you have been using black hat SEO techniques or have a bunch of links to blacklisted sites).

Still not convinced? Well, part of the point of SEO is to generate content that is interesting and engaging, whilst including a number of keywords that will ensure the page is ranked as being relevant for that subject. Wouldn’t this imply that, in order for the search engine spiders to determine how relevant a page is through its SEO, they would index the entire page and not just the content located towards the top of the code? Really, this is just common sense.

Even so, there are plenty of so-called SEO “experts” out there who will try to tell you that placing your content as close to the top of your code as possible will do wonders for your SEO strategy. Do not fall prey to these people, as they clearly have no idea what they are doing when it comes to implementing an effective SEO strategy. Use some common sense and recognize this strategy for what it is – a myth.