HTML5 Please And Web Development

HTML5 Please is an app that has recently been released for special use by web developers. It is designed to allow users to check out which features, such as those in HTML and CSS, that they should use and how they should use them (through polyfills, fallbacks or just as they are). It also suggests which features are to be avoided at all costs or used with caution.


The idea originally came about when it was suggested that individual businesses should keep a list of HTML5 and CSS3 features that their web developers would or wouldn’t use, ensuring a consistency throughout the company. The creators of HTML5 Please, however, Paul Irish and Divya Manian, decided that they would take this one step further and create a set of universal recommendations.

The recommendations themselves are guaranteed to be of use, as they have been made by web developers across the world. These people have long been involved in the features of HTML and CSS, so newer developers can rest assured that the advice they are getting is valid and up to date. If, however, you feel that a particular recommendation is false, you may edit it and send through a ‘pull’ request that will have the incorrect information removed.

When it comes to making a web developer’s job easier, you cannot go past the use of HTML5 Please. The app is not difficult to use – simply type in the feature you are interested in and see what previous users have to say about it – making it a useful tool for novice and experienced developers alike.