How Keyword Density Is Beneficial For SEO


There are plenty of techniques around for applying an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to your website in order to boost its search engine ranking. One of the more important SEO techniques to use when it comes to ensuring organic results is said to be that of keyword density.

So, what is keyword density? In terms of SEO, it refers to the amount of times a given keyword is used in a body of text. They are the words that you feel a potential visitor would type into a search engine if they were searching for your services. SEO is generally calculated in terms of a percentage – for example, if you used the keyword ‘cat’ 5 times in a 500 word passage of text, it would have a density of 1%.

But how does keyword density help SEO? Basically, the search engines send out ‘spiders’ that categorize all of the information on every website on the internet and they use keywords to determine what your website is about. This means that, when a user types the same keywords into a search engine, SEO will cause your website to be recognized as being relevant and bring it.

To achieve a search engine ranking, however, that is likely to get your website plenty of visitors (which is the whole point of SEO), you will need to strike the perfect balance in the percentage of keyword usage. If your percentage is too low, your keywords are essentially useless for SEO. Use too many keywords, however, and your website may be flagged for spamming, again being useless for effective SEO.