How eCards Can Be A Great Online Marketing Tool


Have you ever opened your email account to find a cute bunny that your friend has sent to wish you a happy Easter or completely forgotten a friend’s birthday, so sent through a cake complete with flickering candles? These are known as ecards and, if used correctly, they can be a great online marketing tool. You don’t even have to use an image that promotes your business (although this is recommended) – simply putting your business’s name on the ecard is enough to get you noticed.

Use your other online marketing material to encourage users to visit your website and send an ecard. In order to make your ecard tool work, however, you need to pay special attention to the subject line. This will make or break your online marketing strategy, as users will not open email if they do not know who it is from or if it doesn’t look interesting. Be sure to ask for their full name (so that you can use it as the sender) and write an engaging subject line (“sending birthday wishes to you” or “Christmas is just around the corner…”).

So, how can you use ecards as a part of your online marketing strategy? This really depends on what it is that your website does. If you’re a design company, why not create some free ecards (all including your business information) for holidays that visitors can send to their friends; if you’re a finance business, why not create some ecards that include helpful (yet comedic) finance tips?

There can be no denying that people like ecards, especially if they are humorous, artistic or clever. And what do people do with something that they think is funny, attractive or smart? They share it with others. Simply by coming up with a few effective ecards distributed to clients as a part of your online marketing strategy, you can get your name out to hundreds of people.