Google Maps gets a new look

Added 20.11.17

Google Maps Gets A New Look

How many times have we seen roads close, new businesses open or local events occur in our neighbourhoods that we would have liked to have been notified about? These recent changes have now meant that we will see all these things (and more) reflected on Google Maps.

Some of the changes include:


Updated Driving, Navigation, Transit and Explore maps

The aim is to better highlight information that is most relevant to each experience (such as the location of service stations for navigation or the location of bus stops for transit).

Google map new icon

Updated colour scheme and new icons

The colour scheme has also been updated and new icons have been added to help users quickly identify what they’re looking at (food and drink spots, for example, are orange).

These changes can be incredibly useful, particularly when travelling in unfamiliar areas, as finding services and places of interest will be easier than ever. Simply select the type of map you want to use and look for the relevant coloured icons (such as an orange cocktail glass for a bar or a green tree for a park).

These changes will start to be rolled out over the next few weeks on all Google products that incorporate Google Maps (from the Assistant and Search to Earth and Android Auto). Eventually, the new style will also appear in apps, websites and other experiences offered by other companies that use Google Maps APIs.