Getting started with SEO (Part 2)


In Getting started with SEO - Part 1 we started a list of some essential tips on making the right choices with your SEO strategy. Let's continue the list now and focus on some amazing tools that can help you become an SEO expert.

Get to know Google Analytics: This an incredible collection of tools that provides vital statistics about the visitors to your website and how they behave when they are there. An invaluable tool for SEO.

Analyse you own website: Try to see your website from a fresh perspective, as if you had never seen it before. Do you know how to get to information in a simple and unfussy manner? If not then this could impact on how long people spend on your website and undermine the strength of your SEO campaigns.

Be prepared to change: The reports on Google Analytics for example will give you a great insight into how well your internet marketing campaigns are progressing, or not progressing. Get ready to change the direction of your SEO strategies if you see that something isn't working.

Finally, always remember your audience and what will make them want to use your products or pay for your services. Focusing on search engines is important to an extent, but don't let them control everything about your website.

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