Facebook Releases New "Graph Search" Feature


Facebook have just launched a sample version (which is only available in English and is currently very basic) of their new 'graph search' feature, which they hope to roll out in full over the next few months. This new search function will be located at the top of each Facebook page, allowing users to search for new people and things to connect with.

As privacy is something that Facebook has always valued, this new 'graph search' feature has been built with the privacy of users in mind. Whilst the feature will make it much easier to find new things to connect with, you will still only be able to view content that you could view elsewhere on Facebook. If you make a photo album private, for example, strangers still cannot see it.

This first version of 'graph search' focuses on four main areas of Facebook searches – people, photos, places and interests. By typing in requests, such as 'photos of my family' or 'friends of friends who have been to the Melbourne Show', you will be presented with a pop up screen that displays the results. This will allow you to connect with new people and new things that may interest you.

The beta version of the new feature went live yesterday (January 15) and there is a waiting list for those who would like to lend a helping hand by testing it out (visit www.facebook.com/graphsearch for more information and to sign up). If you would rather wait for the full version of the ‘graph search’ feature, it’s predicted that you will be able to use it in a few months.