Facebook launches shared photo albums


On Monday the 26th of August, it was announced that Facebook would be launching shared photo albums. This new feature will allow up to 50 users to share access to a single album. They are permitted to add up to 200 photos each, which means that these albums could be as large as 10,000 photos; previously, albums were limited to only 1,000 photos and users could only upload to an album of their own creation.

These new shared photo albums will have one of three privacy settings – public, friends of contributors or contributors only. This gives the person who created the album control over who has access to the photos. Album creators will also have the power to delete or modify photos in the album, whereas contributors will be given editing power over any photos that they have uploaded. It will not be available for Page albums.

Facebook Shared Album Screen

It is believed that the prototype for the shared photo albums feature was built during one of Facebook's company-wide hackathons. This is a time where employees set aside their regular work and instead spend their time dreaming up new prototypes for the platform. Bob Baldwin, the software engineer who led the project, said that the idea for the feature was based on user feedback and had already circled amongst employees.

The earliest reports believe that Facebook's new shared photo albums feature will be quite a blow to apps like Albumatic and Flock, which have also been trying to crack this idea. It is also believed that the feature is similar to Google+'s Party Mode, which allows users to share photos and videos in real time. It is still too early to tell whether Facebook will manage to succeed, however, as many have already tried and failed.

Whilst Facebook has begun rolling out the shared albums feature to a small number of desktop users from Monday, it will not be long before it is being rolled out internationally.

Image Source: Mashable