Creating Web Designs For Musicians And Bands


When musicians and bands are first starting out they are often young and working within strict budgets. This often leads artists to settle with templates or free web design websites, as they simply cannot afford to get their music online in any other way. Once they start to make a little money, however, one of the first things that they should invest in is a professional website.

There are plenty of websites out there for musicians and bands that you can use for inspiration. Some, such as pop diva Beyonce, are about letting fans become closer with the artist by providing information about their history. Others, such as alternative band Arctic Monkeys, are more about providing information about upcoming gigs and performances.

What you must carefully consider is exactly what you want your website to achieve. Are you a bit like Josh Garrels and want to provide your fan base with unique ways to connect with you (via a personal blog, social media and the like)? Or are you more like band More Hazards More Heroes who just want an avenue to sell their music?

Whilst a custom web design is definitely an investment that every musician and band should make at some point in their careers, we understand that this is not always possible in the very beginning. Even if you are forced to work with a template or free website in the meantime, you can still use the above tips and tricks to help you get the best chances of success.