Click Frenzy's Failure Shows Just How Important Ecommerce Websites Are


When the much anticipated Click Frenzy online sale crashed shortly after its launch on Tuesday November 20, most people were focused on how disappointing the project turned out to be. What retailers should be focused on, however, is the fact that enough visitors were logging in (more than 1.6 million according to Click Frenzy organizers) to actually crash the site.

Click Frenzy organizers also revealed that, across the 24 hours of the sale, customers viewed more than 20 million different pages. This huge amount is proof that there is a demand for online shopping in Australia and that customers will not be satisfied if they cannot get their fashion or retail fix from the comfort of their own homes or workplaces.

Whilst it is unlikely that Click Frenzy will see a repeat next year, organizers hope that retailers will take it upon themselves to organise their own sales around the same time of year; there is certainly enough evidence to suggest that customers will be looking for a great deal online. Those websites without a user friendly online shopping cart, however, will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to winning customers.

This only goes to show that ecommerce websites are becoming increasingly important; shoppers are moving away from the brick-and-mortar stores of years past and are instead venturing into the online world in a bid to pick up the best bargains. And if you are yet to invest in an online shopping cart for your website, it’s likely that you will soon start to miss out on some much needed sales.