Choosing Keywords and Phrases for SEO


Choosing effective keywords or phrases to target for Search Engine Optimisation can be tricky. The obvious approach is to simply identify and target your products or services however it is important to understand how competitive those key words or phrases are to understand how successful you are going to be.

There are various online tools available to analyse key words or phrases. While some charge for their services there are also some freebies that are well worth a look. One such site is This site is very simple to use and clearly displays the top search results for your selected words as well as the number of hits or searches per day for your chosen keywords. It also displays results where your key words form part of another keyword combination (e.g. your key words are ‘educational toys’, it will also report the number of searches for ‘children’s educational toys’). This list is also very useful in identifying other keywords from other keyword combinations that might be worth targeting. A hint to selecting effective key words or phrases is to consider including prefacing qualifiers such as ‘buy’, ‘get’, ‘find’, ‘best deal’.

From these results you will be able to identify the keywords and phrases that are being searched for the most and aggressively target using adwords or perhaps by writing content or blogs that address these directly and provide links to your website. However, if the existing search engine results for these key words shows that they are very competitive words (e.g. sponsored listing, optimised results for other websites) it may take considerable time and expense to compete. In this scenario it may well be worth considering targeting less competitive keywords or phrases. Though the number of search results might be significantly less, if you can compete effectively in that market, your conversion rate may be much better than by targeting the more competitive key words.