Can A Web Design Ever Be Too Minimalist?


As seen in our previous blog about minimalist web designs, this is becoming quite the trend for websites wanting to embody a more modern and simplistic appearance. And, as happens with most trends, it seems that everyone wants to do something similar. Unfortunately, some designs can become too minimalist, which can lead to a number of problems for the creators, including:

• Self-Defeating Usability: In reality, a minimalist website should be the most easily user-friendly because there is nothing to get in the way or to confuse visitors. If you have too little on the page or a lack of a visual hierarchy, however, visitors may experience difficulties in figuring out where to go.

• Just Plain Boring: There is a fine line between having a minimalist web design and having a website that is boring and invokes minimal interest from visitors. You can still make a website interesting without making it too busy or crowded.


• Weak Message: You will find that a minimalist design is most effective when used in conjunction with a message that is strongly compelling on its own. If your message is weak or non-existent, you’ll find that your website starts to reflect this.

At the end of the day, those websites that are lumped with a web design that is too minimalist in nature tend to be the websites that should never have taken that route in the first place – not all websites will benefit from a minimalist design, and it’s important that you are able to recognize this. By choosing your minimalist projects carefully, you can prevent all of the above issues from arising.