A Handy SEO Glossary


When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), there are a number of terms and phrases that everyday people (like you and me) may not fully understand. If you are in the process of getting some SEO work done on your website, perhaps this handy glossary will be able to help you understand what your expert is talking about a little better:

• Anchor Text: This is the actual text that is included in a link that takes you to another web page. You will recognize it as writing that is dark blue and underlined (or purple if you have clicked on it before).

• External Link: This is a link that is given to your website from someone else’s site. These sorts of links are highly beneficial for SEO (especially if the other website has a high PageRank).

• Internal Link: This is a link from one page of your website to another page (such as the Home page to the About Use page). Like external links, they are useful for SEO, but vastly less so.

• Keyword: This is a word that you think people will type into Google to search for your website. Each page of your website should target different keywords that are relevant.

• Nofollow: This is applied to a link given by one website to another when they do not wish to pass their SEO credit on.

• Panda: This is the name given to a series of Google updates that were aimed at wheedling out (and penalizing) websites that were using unethical (or black hat) SEO techniques.

There are, of course, a number of other SEO terms and phrases that you may find handy, but the ones outlined above tend to be the most commonly used around clients. If you are unfamiliar with a word or phrase used by your SEO expert, however, it never hurts to ask them what they mean. You’re paying them to help you improve your ranking, after all.