3 Outdated Web Design Techniques

Added 05.01.12

Each year, web design becomes more technologically advanced as new software is released and people discover new ways to use existing software. If you have let your website fall to the wayside and not updated its web design recently, you could be seriously damaging your business’ impact on potential customers.

Auto-Playing Media
There is nothing that visitors to a web page hate more than video, music and advertisements that begin playing as soon as the page has loaded. This is often considered bad or lazy web design. Websites that are designed today should at least give visitors the option of having to listen to these things – set it to trigger by cursor rollover or to be quickly paused with a click.

“Best Viewed” Instructions
Have you ever come across a website that welcomes you with the phrase “this page is best viewed in Internet Explorer 6.0” or something similar? There are two things wrong with the inclusion of this phrase in modern web design. Firstly, the version number adds to outdating your website – new browsers are continuously being created. And secondly, people are viewing web pages from all sorts of avenues these days – laptops, desktop computers and even mobile phones and televisions. These devices all operate using different web browsers.

Background Images
This design technique is considered outdated is because it is rarely done well, even though you can get away with small, unobtrusive pictures. The general rule of thumb is that if the background image is one of the first three things you notice about a particular web page, the design is wrong.

Remember, outdated web design says bad things about your business – visitors are inclined to think that you have gone out of business, have no design taste, or are technically incompetent. Is this the image you really want to spread?