10 Website Tips to keep customers visiting your website

Added 14.09.12

Use these simple and quick tips to check your website on a regular basis:

1. Update your content regularly to keep it fresh, and remember to update it whenever you add new products/services or change your contact details.

2. Only original content allowed, duplicating content from another website is detrimental to your website rankings on search engines and the penalties can extend further.

3. Check your spelling and grammar, if you see mistakes would you question the professionalism and image being portrayed by that business?

4. Keep all of your links current and only underline words that are links, make sure you check that they are working regularly and update any that are too dated.

5. Update your banners and call to actions to catch the attention of customers who return to your website regularly.

6. Less is more keep it simple, tell customers your story, why they should choose you and make it easy for them to get in touch.

7. Only display an email address if you will respond to enquiries in a timely fashion, your customer satisfaction relies on it.

8. Ask for feedback when speaking with your customers to see how they like using your website, make sure they have access to the information they need to make a purchase decision.

9. Check your Google Analytics this invaluable reporting tool (available in real-time) will provide a number of key insights so you can make decisions about your content, functionality and marketing strategies.

10. SEO Clients don’t make major changes to your content before speaking with Zeemo as it may have a negative impact on the rankings we‘re working hard to achieve for you.