Why spend a dollar on any form of advertising if you don't know whether it's working for you?

Smart businesses utilise web analytics

With many businesses struggling to generate leads, let alone sales, tough times call for tough measures. It’s time to say goodbye to the simple visitor counter and hello to sophisticated web analytics. Armed with key insights you can make informed decisions about the effectiveness of your website and other marketing campaigns. Discover which ones are worth the time and money invested and which one deserve the flick, pronto.

Results in real-time

You can access the results of your marketing campaigns without having to rely on anyone else to provide them (including us!). Seeing the effects of your latest blog post or sales promotion from the moment it happens gives you the opportunity to react immediately, if required. You can set up key performance indicators on your dashboard for quick reference and there are both standard and custom reporting options. Reports can be printed or exported to Excel and PDF.

Our Capabilities


Multiple CMS platforms

eCommerce shopping carts

System integration

Integrated marketing campaigns

Bespoke content

Architecture planning for optimisation

Product and location photography

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • Where are the leads from your website being generated from?
  • How many customers visited your website after hearing your radio campaign?
  • Is the money you have invested in directories really working for you?
  • How are visitors engaging with my site? What are they clicking on?
  • When are my busy periods?
  • What are your goal conversions?

You might be a little surprised at the statistics but knowing the true answers can help you push for better results, allocate your marketing funds more wisely and ultimately drive more business.

When should I start?

Web analytics can’t travel back in time, it will only monitor your traffic from the moment you install it. What’s more, it’s wise to gather a few months worth of data before you starting making any rash decisions about overhauling your website or putting an axe to other marketing campaigns.

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